What is the Omnibus Survey?

The SSRL Quarterly Omnibus Telephone Survey offers researchers an opportunity to gather representative data from random sample of 400 Saskatchewan residents. This quarterly telephone survey is conducted in the SSRL's Survey and Group Analysis Laboratory (SGAL) every March, June, September, and December. Along with full survey programming, pre-testing, and administration through our WinCATI Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) system, the SSRL offers support with question design. The SSRL SGAL is fully-staffed with trained, professional student interviewers.

Why collect data through the SSRL Omnibus Survey?

Telephone surveys offer several advantages over other types of surveys, such as online or mail-out surveys. The SSRL omnibus survey provides representative data that can be generalized to the Saskatchewan population at a margin of error of +4.9% at the 95% confidence interval. Random-digit dialing (RDD) techniques that include both landlines and cell phones are used to contact Saskatchewan residents. Rigorous pre-testing and field testing ensures that quality data are collected. In addition to the data from your survey questions, the SSRL collects valuable demographic data including age, gender, employment status, education, and income.

Costs and Deliverables

Researchers can submit their questions to the SSRL on a fee-per-question basis. Discounts may apply for bulk questions or those with similar response options.

Questions must be submitted by the 15th of the month prior to the month of omnibus survey administration (i.e., the deadline for question submissions to the March Omnibus Survey is February 15th). Researchers are provided with the data from their questions and the SSRL general demographic questions in Excel or SPSS formats. Open-ended questions are coded and frequency tables and crosstabulations are provided.

Additional Services

The basic pricing structure outlines the cost of questions submitted to the omnibus survey. Researchers can request additional services, which may include surveying a larger sample, oversampling from a specific Saskatchewan city/town or geographic region, having specific quotas (e.g., by gender, age, or income), the use of mixed methods, or offering the survey in a language other than English. At an additional cost, researchers can also receive data analysis and reporting services, or provisions offered by one of the SSRL’s other research laboratories.

For more information about the SSRL Quarterly Omnibus Telephone Survey, or to submit questions, please contact us at ssrl.sgal@usask.ca or (306) 966-6525.