What is the Research Participant Group (RPG)?

The RPG is a paid research participant pool that matches participants to research studies in the field of social science. Research studies typically involve survey completion, computer tasks, and group decision making scenarios that could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete. Some studies can be completed online, while others take place in our laboratory located in Arts 256. Signing up for this pool allows you to view and register for projects after viewing a complete study description.

Please note that the SSRL RPG is distinct from the Psychology Participant Pool used to administer course credits.

Why you should join the RPG:

By joining the RPG you will have the opportunity to assist researchers with their work and gain firsthand experience on how research is conducted in the social sciences. In appreciation of your participation time, you will receive financial remuneration of approximately $10 per hour for in person studies, and a chance to win a gift card for online projects. If you wish to join, please register here.

How it Works


To join the Research Participant Group (RPG) you must first register online. After submitting your registration information, a SONA account will be created for you within one week which you can use to sign up for ongoing research studies.


To sign up for current studies, simply log into SONA and select any project you wish to participate in. Each project will contain a study overview along with eligibility criteria and existing sessions. If you meet the criteria and would like to participate, then please select the ONE session that you will be able to attend. If you cannot commit to participate in any of the sessions listed, don't sign up for any of them.

Due to the volume of projects underway, we ask all participants to please arrive five to ten minutes early prior to their scheduled appointment.

All studies that are run at the Social Sciences Research Laboratories (SSRL) have been reviewed and approved on ethical grounds by the Behavioral Research Ethics Board at the University of Saskatchewan. Any questions regarding your rights as a participant may be addressed to the Behavioral Research Ethics Board through the Ethics Office by phone (306) 966-2975 (toll-free 1-888-966-2975), or email ethics.office@usask.ca.

Click here for more information on how to login to SONA and register for timeslots.

Receiving Payment

By participating in a study, you may receive financial remuneration, and in some cases, there is the potential to earn more depending on the structure of the study that you are participating in. Studies being run in the lab typically pay participants in cash, while online studies may provide payment through the chance to win larger cash prizes or a variety of gift cards. All remuneration details will be posted in each study’s project description. For both online and in-lab experiments, remuneration will be made available at the SSRL General Office at the University of Saskatchewan during normal business hours.

Following-up With Studies

Once a study is completed, participants will often receive a debriefing form to provide project details and research objectives. Participants are always encouraged to follow-up with our researchers to ask any questions and obtain a final copy of the dataset.

Withdrawing from the SSRL RPG

To withdraw from the pool, or for more information, you can contact the RPG coordinator at any time: Brianna Groot (ssrl.rpg@usask.ca; (306) 966-6996)

Rules and Policies

No Shows and Late Arrivals

Failing to arrive on time for a study may result in the session being canceled without remuneration to the participant. We ask that all participants arrive five to ten minutes prior to their scheduled appointment. Some studies require a specific number people to participate, and without the proper number of participants it cannot be run. Since multiple study sessions are typically run over the course of a day, it is not possible to start a study late as it will interfere with the scheduling of all other sessions occurring later in the day.

Missing a study session in which you have committed to participate could impact your likelihood of being selected for future studies.

Being late for a study session which is already in progress will result in no financial payment made to late participants.


Some studies require a specific number of people participating in each session or they cannot be run. For these types of studies, we invite more people to the session than are required. Participants that arrive first to the session will be selected to participate in the study, while those who arrive later will be remunerated with a show-up payment and permitted to leave without participating.

Class Assignments

The studies on our site are not available to students completing class assignments, or to any individuals receiving additional incentives or forms of remuneration outside of what the studies offer. Participating for reasons other than personal/research interest and financial incentives can interfere with study outcomes and result in major data loss for our project researchers. If you are a student looking to complete a project to fulfill a course requirement, please contact the RPG administrator who may be able to assist.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do sessions last?

Studies typically have sessions that last either 30min or 60 min; however, they may last much longer depending on the project.

The study duration will always be listed on the study sign-up page accessible through your SONA account.

How do I change my contact email address or other personal information?

Once you log in to SONA, select the “My Profile” tab. Here, you can change your password, and update your e-mail address and phone number.

Who can register for the Research Participant Group?

The Research Participant Group is available to everyone including members of the general public. However, please note that all payment (even for online studies) needs to be collected at the University of Saskatchewan during regular business hours.

Is my data confidential?

All information you enter during registration for the Research Participant Group (RPG) will be treated as confidential and used for contact purposes and determining study eligibility only. Registration data is securely hosted by Voxco, a Canadian company with Canadian servers. We will never give your contact information to any third party.

When completing projects, a unique numeric identifier will typically be generated. This number will be used only for research purposes and will in no way identify you in any papers or reports written about the research. All information collected during a study will be grouped with that of other participants. Any data resulting from your participation published in scientific journals, texts, or other media will not reveal your identity. Electronic data from studies will be stored indefinitely.


The Research Participant Group (RPG) is operated by the University of Saskatchewan's Social Sciences Research Laboratories (SSRL).

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